What We Do

Become an IKPN partner

We use minority equity investments to help you access the support you need, and connect you with other partners in the network. First time here? We’ve broken down our process into 4 simple steps.

Step One

Getting to Know You

We help great businesses on their journey to doing extraordinary things. We spend time learning about you—and more importantly, what your goals are.

Step Two

Getting to Know Your Organization

Even though we’ve learned a lot about you in conversation, we’ll learn about your organization in a bit more detail–including your company structure, finances, and plans for the business.

Step Three

Getting to the Investment
By now, we’ve decided that we’re excited to work together. We’ll agree to the terms, sign the agreements, and then…

Step Four

Getting to Work

We’ll get to work setting you up with the support you’re looking for, and connect you with others to help you with your goals. Based on where you and your organization are headed, this will look a bit different for each IKPN Partner.

We think you’ll like it here.

Sound like a good fit? Let’s get to know each other.