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Independent Knowledge Partner Network (IKPN) helps extraordinary businesses evolve. We invest in partners in marketing-related industries, providing businesses like yours with the tools to do what you do best. We focus on your business goals, and support you with your challenges and ambitions. Because when you win, we win.

Lindsay Rutherford


Reigning from the small town of Birch Hills in Saskatchewan, Lindsay is an alumnus from the University of Saskatchewan; where she focused in Marketing. Since moving to Edmonton, Lindsay has spent the better part of her career focused on leadership and the human-centred side of business. Bringing experience from a number of industries, Lindsay has worked to stabilize teams across the automotive aftermarket, environmental and industrial services, and heavy equipment industries.

Partnerships and collaboration ring true to Lindsay’s strengths with her background in recruiting, performance management, development, succession and employee engagement—ensuring business owners feel valued, which is why she now dedicates her time to evolve with IKPN. Alongside the network, Lindsay looks forward to bringing her seasoned perspective to the table and help business owners see tangible wins as they continue to do outstanding work.

Lindsay Rutherford, President of IKPN.

David Wan

VP, Finance & Corporate Development

Sharp, inventive and astute, David is a natural problem-solver. Hailing from the University of Alberta with an Accounting degree in Business Management, David has honed his craft by learning how to identify the bigger picture. His experience working for renowned firms has shaped his approach to working with clients, successfully helping him to support them through growth, acquisition and ownership transitions. Now adding a CFA designation to his list of impressive credentials, David is no stranger to structuring deals and overseeing negotiations.

In his new role at IKPN, David brings his strategic mindset and holistic approach to ensure our partners are able to keep growing in the most sustainable way possible. When he’s not liaising with our partners, you can find David spending quality time with his family, and getting in tune with his classical roots on the violin and piano.

David Wan, VP, Finance & Corporate Development.

Gabriela Domanico

Partner Growth, Sales

Gabriela’s love for lifelong learning has shaped her into a multifaceted professional with a passion for growth. With over two decades of experience, Gabriela’s not just well-read and well-rounded; she’s practically a walking encyclopedia. Her knack for mentorship, sales and strategic planning has earned her the prestigious President’s Award for executive leadership three times—a testament to her sharp, detail-oriented approach.

Since 2018, Gabriela has been the driving force behind many major growth initiatives within Know Company. Now in her role of Partner Growth, Sales at IKPN, Gabriela continues to be a relentless advocate for progress, partnership, and fostering collaboration. But Gabriela’s not all business; she knows the importance of finding balance. When she’s not charting our next big move, you’ll find her gracefully guiding others as a certified Pilates instructor. Because, let’s face it, even superheroes need their downtime.


Rich Uhalde

Partner Growth, Technology

Born and raised in Toronto, Rich is an alumnus of the University of Toronto and has spent much of his career refining his customer-centric outlook. His journey through traditional television media, publisher-side digital marketing, and tenure as both an Amazon and Google Solutions Partner has helped hone his performance marketing and ad-tech solutions expertise. With a strong foundation in marketing principles, Rich provides a proven track record in revenue growth, strategic planning, and client management.

An accomplished leader and collaborator with a client-focused approach, Rich’s experience consulting on cutting-edge ad-tech solutions will assist him with creating impactful results in his role at IKPN, as Partner Growth, Technology. When not plugged in, Rich enjoys almost all sports, but his passion remains following his beloved Oakland, then Los Angeles, then back to Oakland, and finally Las Vegas, Raiders!


Vikram Seth

CEO & Founder

Vik is the guy in the office who knows a thing or two about any topic. Try him. He’s guaranteed read an article about whatever obscure Nixon-era political fact, the latest top-secret Silicon Valley tech or NCAA March Madness stat you just googled. He’s the one you’ll really want as your Phone a Friend when a million dollars is on the line.

A cheerful and innovative ideas man who knows how to get moving on a project, Vik likes to stay busy and has been that way since his poli-sci university days when he had a different club meeting almost every day of the week. These days, running the ship at IKPN fills his time—not to mention constantly distracting the staff with his incessant chattiness and non-stop movie trivia—but he gets the itch to travel every so often and is always excited to tick another country off the list.

Vikram Seth, CEO & Founder of IKPN.

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