An investment company built differently.

IKPN provides support in core areas where you haven’t had the time to focus on or invest in. Our goal is to find solutions where you need them. Whether human resources, financial planning or operations, we create spaces where you can come for support, which translates into spending more valuable time with your clients.

As a network partner, we’re committed to helping you reach your goals.

We do this in three ways:


We want you to be the face of your business, which is why we focus on minority equity investments, rather than seeking a share as a majority owner. You know your business best, so you can just think of us as a helping hand in your corner.


We work to provide you with access to the technology, tools and talent you need to succeed. We support you in the areas you haven’t had the chance to build on, including everything from training and resources, to growth and organizational structure.


Our network connects you with other like-minded businesses to help you expand, thrive and evolve. Our partners are encouraged to lean on each other for support with problem solving, idea generation, lead opportunities and more.

Need a hand in your corner?

Let us know how IKPN can help.